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Accounting for Busy Entrepreneurs – ParadigmNEXT Webinar Recap

9 Nov 2015

ParadigmNEXT: Webinar Recap: Accounting for Busy Entrepreneurs

ParadigmNEXT was excited to partner with BigMarker again, to host yet another informative webinar. Megan Matt, is the Founder and Director of The Books Right, and she lead the discussion. With an accounting background, Megan shed light on an important component of any business. Targeted to startups and entrepreneurs, Megan outlined practices to use when streamlining a business.

Automating is the Key to Success

During the conference, Megan hit on several points that were focused on the tedious aspects to running a business. When growing a company, an entrepreneur could get bogged down with mundane, time consuming tasks. This takes away from the entrepreneur’s passion of further growing the company. Megan suggests to automate. In today’s technology market, there are many great software, programs and applications entrepreneurs can take advantage. Whether it’s for project management, or data entry, there is bound to be the right solution for you and your company.  

Building a Strong Team

Another important key to see continued growth, is by surrounding yourself with the right team. This does not mean even necessarily mean hire within the United States. Outsourcing overseas can prove to save money, and bring more diverse ideas to your company. Contracting people to complete tasks, can benefit the company tremendously, because for most startups it’s too difficult to hire on employees. It is important to look at all the logistics, to make sure your company is within the regulations, when outsourcing. Following inline with surrounding yourself with a strong team, every startup needs accountable people to look to for advice.


Networking will lead to building strong connections. Being able to bounce ideas with people who have experience, will ensure you and your company goes down the right path. Having trusted advisors, is a key component when making crucial decisions for your company. Maximize on those opportunities to network and meet people. You never really do know, when it is you can meet a person, who will help with streamlining your business!

These are just a few of the main points, that Megan addressed during her webinar. To check out the entire conference, click here. Again, we thank Megan for her time, and  BigMarker for hosting the talk! ParadigmNEXT will be hosting Jane Hunter, speaking on Marketing & The Power of the Media, in December.

By: Aaron Rosen of ParadigmNext


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