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Standing at the edge of Grant Park in Downtown Chicago, 1000M was hoping to make a dramatic statement on the world-famous skyline. The site is home to 740 luxury apartments and 80,000 square feet of amenities overlooking Lake Michigan, Grant Park and the Museum Campus.

As the property was being completed, however, the 1000M brand wasn’t known among real estate professionals who had access to much needed buyers. Pre-occupancy vacancies not only needed to be filled, but the element of prestige of living in the building needed to be established.

1000M tapped ParadigmNEXT to invent its brand and build a lasting desire of the opportunity to reside in such luxury. The team worked to establish a message framework that would resonate with the realtor audience and planned a private event for agents, brokers and real estate pros to tour the building during an evening of entertainment, networking, and presentations.

Speakers included Billionaire Real Estate Developer, Francis Greenburger, and Commissioner of The Department of Buildings for the City of Chicago, Judy Frydland, who spoke about recognizing real estate opportunities. Salvador Cicero of the Cicero Law Firm, Javier Gutierrez of MexPunch, Georgette Marin, Al Reese, and Sara Olvera also shared stories about their experiences in development and their knowledge on how to identify market trends.

The event was a major success that also provided for a great video opportunity, which ParadigmNEXT’s team produced and then promoted on social media.

Today, 1000M is at full capacity and its value continues to rise.