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CBIZ Gibraltar is a leading commercial real estate firm dedicated to advocating the interests and needs of tenants. The company emerged early in its nearly 25-year history by combining the expertise of industry veterans with the solutions provided by its parent company CBIZ (NYSE: CBZ). But awareness became limited over time and brand prominence diminished as competitors evolved.

How does a once known entity in the industry stand out again?

CBIZ Gibraltar
The Challenge: 
  • Confined to Word of Mouth
  • Limited Digital Footprint
  • Stagnant Website 
  • Outdated CRM  
  • Inconsistent Messaging 
  • Minimal Marketing Collateral

CBIZ Gibraltar has a powerful weapon on its side: a unique proposition of being truly end-user focused and conflict-free in delivering value to clients’ office space needs. While this success is demonstrated, the firm was forced to rely solely on word-of-mouth and referrals to drive this message. Its communications lacked clear, consistent delivery, marketing collateral was minimal, and the online presence was stagnant. No strategy existed for inbound leads, and those that came in went unnurtured due to an antiquated CRM.

The Solution:
  • Content Strategy 
  • Website Transformation
  • CRM Strategy and System Migration 
  • Social Media Engagement
  • New Collateral and Content Assets 

Engaging ParadigmNEXT, CBIZ leaned on the team’s proven expertise and understanding of the industry and their clients to help initiate lasting conversations that align the firm with evolving workplace concepts and ensure its team is available for follow up in an innately lengthily sales cycle. 

This required enacting a much-needed expansion to its digital footprint with a content-first approach to bring insights forward and consistency to messages. Ranging from the creation of a webinar series to thought leadership articles, compelling content was developed and showcased on a newly-created thought leadership blog, among other enhancements that transformed the website into a more defined sales funnel. Traffic was driven from a strategic LinkedIn program that was built from the ground up, as well as email marketing that delivered new collateral and advice-driven communications to a growing database of contacts.  

A new CRM solution was integrated from the firm’s parent company, which required hand-on advisory and assistance from ParadigmNEXT to support a complex migration and structured process for lead generation, nurturing, and conversion.

The Result:
  • Modernized Brand Marketing 
  • Expanded Online Presence 
  • Increased Website Audience 
  • Turnkey Communications Platforms

With new strategies and communications vehicles in place, CBIZ Gibraltar revitalized its brand by becoming an active voice in the industry. Website traffic increased by 550% inside of six months, with a growing audience spending 20% more time on the site and overall engagement on social media. Newsletter click rates doubled with more than 30% open rates across all email campaigns. 

When the pandemic emerged, ParadigmNEXT was able to quickly pivot communications to help CBIZ continue capturing leads with new topics that were top of mind, such as lease assessment advice and landlord negotiation. In total, more than 25,000 leads were vetted bringing a network of prospects far beyond personal relationships and referrals.