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ParadigmNEXT Brings New Life to a Great Story, Builds an Audience and Helps Tell It

Encompass AV is a leading audiovisual and acoustical design firm in Chicago that specializes in the integration of complex AV systems in a range of environments, such as offices, restaurant and hospitality settings, smart buildings, and more. Its expertise is unrivaled and projects speak for themselves, installed across some of the most notable spaces. So, how can an innovation leader use its successes to tell their story in a meaningful way that fosters credibility and drives new business?

Encompass AV
The Challenge

Pursuing exposure for the sake of exposure is meaningless — outcomes must be tied to business objectives. When Encompass launched a new website and updated brand identity, the stage was set for success, but it didn’t have a roadmap on how to get there. No formal marketing, sales or business growth strategy was in place. Industry targets were known, but no tactics were planned to reach them, and no contact database was established.

The Solution

ParadigmNEXT was engaged to help Encompass continue earning its way forward. The team worked to understand the target audiences and identified the best opportunities to reach them. A new CRM solution was introduced, implemented, and managed with a strategic framework for telling the Encompass story that supports reputational goals, also working to generate new leads and drive business.

Through the development of new collateral and content marketing, an engagement platform was developed utilizing email marketing, newsletters and social media to deliver industry-specific communications that allows Encompass to not only join key business discussions, but lead conversation. Paradigm storyboarded videos and webinar conversations, edited and produced footage of executive panels and helped secured attention with reposts on local news.

The Result

In the first six months working with ParadigmNEXT, Encompass was able to sign a sizable customer, who was one of tens if thousands of newly identified prospects that now make up Encompass’ new contact database. Social media following has increased five times with tens-of-thousands of monthly engagements, along with new traffic to the EAV website that has been transformed into an online destination for insights and audiovisual thought leadership.