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Impossible Foods makes meat, dairy and fish from plants. In 2016, it launched its first product, the Impossible™ Burger. It’s delicious, nutritious, and made using but a small fraction of the land, water and energy required to make meat from a cow.

Midwest Brand Launch

When Impossible wanted to introduce the Chicagoland and Midwest market to its flagship plant-based product — the Impossible™ Burger — it turned to ParadigmNEXT for a creative activation.

The team put together a fun and engaging event supported by street marketing and word-of-mouth awareness that underpinned a more formal strategy that targeted hospitality media and food and beverage influencers.

The unique pop-up experience announced the arrival of the Impossible Burger with an imaginative premise that harps on Chicago’s speakeasy fascination, but in burger form: as a “Meateasy.”

Through creative storytelling, the product was well positioned among foodies throughout a meat-loving town who were seeking out the Impossible Burger.

ParadigmNEXT provided comprehensive event planning and promotional support to bring the Meateasy event to life, hidden behind a fake butcher shop facade — and the experience went far beyond a single, secret venue. In addition to the evening event, the team kicked off activations all over the city:

  • Wild postings across town with creative copywriting and imagery
  • Old fashioned delivery boys passing out newspapers on select street corners with information on the location of and secret passcode for the Meateasy
  • A variety of online videos and other content debuting across social media
  • Meateasy servers passing out membership cards, pins and other branded items
  • Hamburger-hiding hats disguised as stylish headwear, allowing patrons to sneak their Impossible Burger around the city