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ParadigmNEXT Shapes Brand Identity, Refines Audiences for Sustainable Growth

LaMarco Systems has been providing life safety and security solutions for more than 20 years. Its leadership is made up of creative, experienced experts who have partnered with the world’s leading technology companies, security experts, and law enforcement personnel, but over time the brand had become stagnant with a misunderstood value proposition. How do you reinvent a company that is perceived simply as a product reseller?

LaMarco Systems
The Challenge

Even visionary leaders can get set in their ways, and many of them don’t have the resources or know-how to bring their concepts to life. In LaMarco’s case, ideas are constantly flowing but the corporate identity was outdated. There was no standardized marketing collateral, inconsistent messaging, and no structured sales funnel — with the need to form a customer prospect base and marketing around not just products buyers, but the integrated solutions it delivers that naturally lend to larger and ongoing new business engagements.

The Solution

Executing a comprehensive program, ParadigmNEXT plugged into LaMarco to quickly transform the corporate identify from the ground up. The team established new content to better tell the story of integrated, all-in-one security, and redesigned the entire website with new branding and key messages that create awareness and motivate action. 

Internally, the team supported LaMarco in the selection, implementation and onboarding of a new CRM solution, migration of all past customer data and process for engaging new prospects. A structured content strategy was established with newly created marketing collateral to aid both marketing and sales with a focused approach for direct industry outreach.

The Result

ParadigmNEXT helped LaMarco achieve double-digit growth in the first 90 days. Then rolling out an automated marketing initiative — with its new CRM that has been fully adopted internally — LaMarco can also sustain outreach and ongoing communications to a prospect database that Paradigm grew from about 600 contacts to close to 17,000 prospects. Strategic introductions were made to end users, influencers and key partners, as well as hundreds of local architects reached through a new continuing education program. Most important, the perception of LaMarco is evolving from a hardware reseller into a total solutions provider.