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Contractors, building managers, CIOs, IT and security directors trust Omni Data with end-to-end capabilities to engineer comprehensive security and enterprise networking systems that protect people, facilities and assets.

Omni Data

Omni Data turned to ParadigmNEXT for comprehensive marketing support — and within days of being engaged, introduced a time-sensitive need around new State and Federal grant its clients could access. The grants presented major opportunities for Omni customers to offset expenses for infrastructure improvements, but awareness of the programs was not far reaching.

The ParadigmNEXT team pivoted its standard client onboarding and fast-tracked a campaigned to promote the grant program among clients and potential stakeholders.

Strategic Consulting
  • Identified and connected with grant writers
  • Developed a sales playbook for the business development team to follow when contacting warm leads
  • Developed a sales strategy for targeting K-12 education in 2 states
  • Developed buyer persona for decision makers within target organizations
  • Created new opportunities for local grant applicants following the Federal deadline
In the Execution Management and Tactical Execution phases...

ParadignNEXT accomplished significant milestones for Omni Data’s marketing process and brought to life tactics that delivered strong results:

  • Gathered all data on grants, application process, partner participation
  • Designed and developed a landing page on the website
  • Produced new sales collateral
  • Created email marketing campaigns, and setup automated software for distribution and CRM management with ongoing email sequences
  • Sourced a new target prospect list and uploaded with segmentation (by State/ Title/ Size/ etc.)
  • Developed and distributed a press release, as well as social media and blog content with support as a digital community manager
  • Participated in weekly meetings throughout the campaigns, working closely with the executive team on progress, pitfalls and opportunities
  • Provided regular reports to sales staff on engagement and hot prospects
Results Within the First Month

Within the first week of finalizing the campaign, ParadigmNEXT helped Omni Data secure:

  • $160,000 in new revenue
  • $40,000 – $50,000 in new immediate opportunities
  • $500,000+ in future business opportunities
  • Brand Awareness with an untapped audience with no prior familiarity with Omni Data
  • A Baseline for social engagement
  • Underpinning of automated inbound strategy

The initial campaign also delivered a shift in opportunities for Omni’s sales team as targeted purchasing contacts were encouraged to introduce more decision makers as a result of the informative communications. Email marketing and online content highlighted Omni’s partnerships with industry leaders, like 911Inform, as well as messaging on its consultative approach that helped advance pending proposals.

ParadigmNEXT accomplished these benchmarks within the first 90 days of working with Omni Data and resumed its initial scope for comprehensive marketing support, which will come to life across the client’s brand and marketing of a range of comprehensive security and enterprise networking solutions.