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The commercial architectural product selection process is daunting. Every time a developer builds a new project, they put together a binder with all materials (carpets, paint colors, fabrics, lights, ceiling panels, hardware for doors, etc.). Industry veteran Jerry Freeman wanted to streamline this process in a way that would save time and money with an automated, digital database of architectural products and materials.

Freeman turned to ParadigmNEXT for support programming, designing, and developing an online tool that creates a full closeout binder for a project in minutes, complete with specifications, warranties, institution, and maintenance.

The team worked to understand the vision and advanced functionality needed to catalogue the millions of materials for all types of users, and then bring it to life on a mobile platform. The technology also needed to support re-orders, so the user can simply turn to the digital binder when a new part is needed.

The result was PaletteApp, a web based digital design library that delivers efficiencies that lets users access the world’s largest database of architectural materials.

ParadigmNEXT’s deep industry expertise was of great value as the app was coming to life, creatively adding functionality that gives user the power to visualize a product accurately and confidently in real, physical spaces with one of the first see it in your room features. The app utilizes a device’s camera to augment the specified area and inserts the selected floor coverings, surfaces, and wall coverings, for example, to deliver a true and swift representation of a design solution that can then be captured and shared.

As the app user audience increased, the team identified new opportunities to create a market for reselling leftover materials knowing that larger developments frequently order extra materials.

With ParadigmNEXT’s support PaletteApp has changed the way architects, designers, contractors, subcontractors, facility managers, manufacturers and anyone in the commercial construction industry find and manage products for their projects. The technology increase margins, reduce errors, increase efficiency, and automate the manual tasks to locate, manage, and convert product data and documents for take-off’s and all submittals, from a cloud-based, menu-driven platform.