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Sentry Security

B2B Success Story: How We Turned Sentry Security’s Brand Challenges into a 630% Increase in Leads

Chicago’s leading independent security company, Sentry Security, provides smart and connected security solutions for businesses across multiple industries. Their comprehensive approach combines access control, intrusion, video and more – all in a single system.



The Challenge:

Sentry Security is Chicago’s leading independent security company, but more often than not, their services have been incorrectly perceived as limited to the residential market. Realizing missed opportunities in the commercial sector, Sentry came to us to fix the oversight. Through our initial investigation, we uncovered several key issues including:

  • No outbound communication strategy: our client already had a pretty solid inbound strategy in place, but the absence of a strong outbound communication strategy meant that they were not able to optimize their efforts or reach new targets
  • No standardized sales collateral and, with every sales person using their own materials, internal confusion leading to brand inconsistency and potentially low brand trust
  • Lack of a centralized, customer knowledge database (CRM)
The Solution

The team dove right in and ran a full brand and industry assessment to develop a bespoke, actionable plan. We crafted a multichannel outbound communication strategy, and created a punchy, straight-to-the-point tagline that embodied the essence of the company, communicating it to our client’s team and fostering a one brand recognition. We also expanded our client’s website, adding commercial-centric service pages and industry-specific landing pages with optimized calls to action (CTAs).

To promote a stronger and more cohesive brand identity, we also created a centralized database of sales and marketing collateral, making all product- and industry-specific materials easily accessible to the sales team via internal cloud-based folders.  

Next, we implemented a robust CRM system that currently hosts a database of 20,000 new, warm leads. The team filtered and cleaned up the existing customer list, researched touchpoints for prospects, identified upsell opportunities, and launched automated marketing campaigns supplemented by audience-specific engagement sequences.  

To gain a more accurate understanding of our client’s target, we dove deep into their Buyer Personas, gaining insights into their pain points, experiences and behaviours, and devised best methods to drive their interest and loyalty. This enabled us to craft a cohesive sales and marketing strategy, personalizing tactics for each market segment. Then, we proceeded to harvest targeted prospect-lists of over 17,000 key contacts, all aligned with Sentry’s buyer personas.

The Results:

With a comprehensive project and communications roadmap that followed our thorough brand assessment, the PN team successfully consolidated and centralized Sentry’s sales and marketing forces under one central database, with a cohesive communication strategy utilized across all channels and employed by our client’s internal teams. 

Our client was pleased to see a more engaged sales force with streamlined sales efforts through efficient reporting, which resulted in increased inbound traffic of over 180%, as well as increasing their lead count by 630% – and growing!

The result? We reinvigorated the Sentry Security brand, along with their processes and workflows, effectively saving time while boosting our client’s visibility and productivity.

  • Engaged sales force
  • Improved oversight of sales efforts through efficient reporting
  • Centralized, consistent and synchronized sales collateral
  • Cloud-based shared folders for improved team access
  • Increased inbound traffic > 180%
  • Increased leads > 630%