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No sales, no problem —
0 to 1.5 million in weeks

SterilOx manufactures breakthrough natural disinfectant products in United Arab Emirates that make sanitation 100% safe, eco-friendly and more effective then ever. Its solution creates a hostile environment where microbes and viruses cannot thrive.

But how does the company enter a new, highly-competitive market where unknown brands also cannot thrive?

The Challenge:

US market entry is not a simple feat when you have no customers and no contacts. For a product like SterilOx, unknowns related to compliance, manufacturing and distribution not only create significant roadblocks but can add months, even years to the growth model.

The PN Solution

The first and only call was to ParadigmNEXT who launched a critical strategy with
a two-pronged approach:

  1. Gauge & Understand: SterilOx needed to gauge the efficacy of the US market, including pricing and demand, and get an understanding of licensing and certification requirements, as well as local manufacturing and distribution channels.
  2. Demonstrate & Drive: SterilOx needed to demonstrate how its disinfectant works; the effectiveness and ease of use, while driving the need among new audiences and make the business case.

ParadigmNEXT conducted extensive market analysis, sourced consultants and created processes to address all licensing and certification requirements, and identified opportunities and organized sales-generating events with demonstrations that introduced SterilOx to immediate customers who placed their first orders for nationwide business opportunities.

The Result

Within weeks, ParadigmNEXT’s business development efforts helped bring SterilOx to commercial cleaning companies and thousands of commercial users that operate spas, fitness and wellness centers, movie theaters, daycares and auto dealerships with nationwide locations.

ParadigmNEXT also introduced opportunities that came with offers to field manufacturing operational locally, along with a US $1.5 million private equity offer to assume domestic distribution rights.