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Revenue growth through aligning marketing and sales

VacayStay Connect is a full-service distribution solution for property managers in the vacation rental industry. VacayStay Connect wanted to boost their online presence and reach new customers. However, with cold calling as the only lead generation strategy, no uniform brand message or sales funnel present, and the client’s website not appearing in Google search results, identifying and converting prospects was extremely difficult.

A meticulous research and analysis of the client’s site and operations revealed aspects that required attention beyond the initial project scope. To address that, ParadigmNEXT developed a comprehensive plan of strategic and operational improvements, with key metrics put in place to measure progress. The client’s processes were streamlined, and marketing and brand strategy aligned with the overarching business objectives to drive sustainable, organic growth.

Lead validation and consistent delivery of tailored experiences through the right distribution channels effectively tripled the client’s sales leads within six months. Today, VacayStay Connect’s refined prospects lists consist of high-quality leads only, and lead conversion grew by 114%. The client also boasts an engaging and informative website with an easy-to-use interface and effective branding, and has been greatly exposed in the vacation rental industry through strategic email campaigns, industry-related promotions, PR and media outreach.