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  • Team
    Brand and Go-To-Market Strategy l Managing Partner

    I spearhead new product and brand development. Highly capable moving people and projects from concept to commercialization in both structured corporate and unstructured start-up environments.

    Emphasize brand building alongside business building. Apply creativity and discipline to the innovation process; apply practicality and team orientation to implementation.

  • Anatoly Nirshberg
    Ideation Director

    Managing Partner and Founder of ParadigmNext, Inc., Board Member at National Association of Home Builders

    Throughout his career, ANATOLY NIRSHBERG has excelled in reimagining and repositioning brands for profitable growth. He is a design thinker who brings a strategic and holistic approach to problem solving and proven success in developing processes that help companies scale, establish a mission-driven culture, harness the power of technology, and manage rapid change. As managing director of ParadigmNEXT, he leverages his natural creativity, versatility, communication skills, and deep experiential knowledge to execute integrated, next-level marketing campaigns that consistently hit customer targets and increase stakeholder value.

    Early on, Anatoly developed an interest in business and worked various odd jobs to earn money. As a young entrepreneur, he carried forward a strong work ethic instilled in him by his parents and learned the intricacies of growing an enterprise. He founded and ran his own independent mortgage brokerage at age 21 before embarking on a journey that would take him from residential finance to call centers and logistics companies to multiple endeavors in the commercial construction space. His exposure to various industries has taught him how to isolate the marketing opportunity and adapt his value proposition to best meet each client’s unique needs.

    Through the lens of digital marketing, Anatoly lends a fresh perspective to organizations facing complex business challenges in leveraging their stories and navigating the ever-changing virtual landscape. As managing director of BizCast HQ, he widens his gestalt view of business through state-of-the-art video production, an adaptation that places him at the cutting edge of brand storytelling. Clients gain a strong competitive advantage through Anatoly’s professional network of senior executives, company owners, innovators, PR professionals, media outlets, and associations, enabling them to amplify their thought leadership content and expand their audience.

    Anatoly understands that business success is tied to relationships and collaboration. He is especially interested in connecting with C-level executives at B2B companies in the manufacturing, logistics, commercial real estate, private equity, large-scale construction industries (and related services).

  • Natalia Krzywicka-Acosta
    Storytelling and VOC Insights

    I lead marketing strategy and execution projects, helping clients rethink how to reach their target customers through authentic communication.

    One-part creative thinker with journalistic chops and a gift of storytelling for impact, and one-part strategy lead with a proven track record of generating innovative solutions, I’m passionate about empowering brands and delivering results.

  • Mateus Barbosa
    Graphic and Print Design
  • Iryna Teixeira
    CRM Strategy and Implementation
  • Skye Khilji
    CRM and Business Systems

    I'm a strategy man at heart. I'm best when mapping out the path from where a business is, to where it can go.

    I bring the most value when given a ton of data, my magic trick to filter through all the noise and make it simple, meaningful and most importantly actionable.

  • Marcin Cymmer

    I am a commercial photographer with a passion for food, product and interior photography. I use my skills and experience to turn ordinary into extraordinary, to create unique visual content for your brand.

  • Kevin Larson
    Video Production