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    CEO/Creative Director

    Long before there was LinkedIN there was me!

    Hi, I'm Yana. And I've always had a knack for spotting companies and individuals who might benefit from an introduction – often before even they know it. As creative head of ParadigmNEXT, my team and I are constantly seeking the best ways to connect brands with stakeholders of all stripes.

    Depending on the strategy, this can come in many forms. A program designed to engage and energize employees. A CRM platform that actually delivers ROI. Or maybe a new product launch that involves thinking that outside the brand builder's tool box.

    Whatever it calls for, we'll do whatever it takes to bring you and your brand closer to those you want to reach.

    It's what we do.

  • Anatoly Nirshberg
    Managing Partner / Chief Strategy Officer

    Drawn to business at an early age, I started a mortgage company at 21. It was the first in a string of rewarding ventures that would involve helping others acquire or secure property in order to grow their companies.

    I was bit by the built world bug and never looked back.

    Today, ParadigmNEXT gives me the perfect platform to apply what I've learned for the benefit of others in the category. A chance to work with equally industrious, inquisitive leaders who recognize that none of us have all the answers and can therefore benefit from a fresh perspective from time to time.

    It takes a lot of trust to give an outsider a look "under the hood." But those who engage ParadigmNEXT tend to discover two things: that there are few areas in which we can't help resolve issues or identify new opportunities.

    And also, that we don't feel like "outsiders" for long.

  • Roman Yakubovskyi
    Project Manager

    I am the one who oversees time and budget, team and process, but most important - extraordinary things that will suit your needs.

    Years ago, as a customer support and then sales development representative, I had experience as the smallest piece of the mechanism and then snowballed to managing process workflow and building the pipeline.

    Tinkering the solution is where the drive comes from.

  • Alyona Toloknova
    UI/UX Designer
  • Roman Litvinov
    UX\UI Product Designer
  • Alexander Yevtushenko
    Web & Mobile Development

    Too lazy to do a good job so I do the best

  • Illya Zakharov
    UI/UX Designer
  • Aleksandra Sinko
    UI/UX Designer
  • Nyle Rigor
    Email Marketing Automation Strategy
  • Ivanna Fetych
    Marketing Automation Specialist
  • Nicole Morton
    Content Strategy and Copywriting
  • Roman Yakubovskyi
    Content Strategy and Copywriting
  • Roman Yakubovskyi
    Research / QA / QC

    I have been working with PNext for several years now as a go-to source for any administrative, clerical, data entry, quality check, research, and other projects.