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Featured Friday: Scott Hansen, Million Dollar Blueprint: 3 Phases of a Successful Business

29 Apr 2016

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On Tuesday, May 10, ParadigmNEXT is hosting its monthly BigMarker webinar series with our special guest Scott Hansen. The topic for this webinar is “Million Dollar Blueprint: 3 Phases of a Successful Business,” and for Scott, his passion is helping entrepreneurs increase sales, increase their number of clients, break through barriers, and overcome company weaknesses. Scott has a love for speaking by bringing enthusiasm and high energy to his known speaking engagements such as: The Inner Game of Wealth, 21st Century Leadership, Success Strategies, Productivity on Purpose, and The Power of WOW.

He began his career in sales and marketing and had a successful journey, but he felt that his purpose was to do something more. He began his self-discovery by attending speaking events and reading books based around personal development, leadership, and building a business around your passion.

Today, Scott has the privilege of coaching entrepreneurs and business owners to revamp their business model to help them find their passion again and ultimately grow the business. He often speaks to groups, organizations, and companies to help others with their journey on leadership, increasing productive performance, and principles of success. Scott also has a highly acclaimed podcast, “Success Hackers”.

Scott’s goal for the webinar is to empower and impact millions of people around the world to live a life of passion, purpose and significance. This one-hour webinar will provide business owners of all types a new insight to increase cash flow to get your business off the ground and running. Entrepreneurs are highly encouraged to attend this webinar to gain first-hand advice from such a highly experienced individual like Scott Hansen.

Join us for webinar on Tuesday, May 10 at 11am by registering here.

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