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Featured Friday: Tony Lenhart, Leveraging LinkedIn & Prospecting Etiquette

8 Sep 2015


Featured Friday: Tony Lenhart and the next ParadigmNEXT Webinar on BigMarker

On October 6, ParadigmNEXT is hosting the second of its BigMarker Webinar Series with Tony Lenhart discussing LinkedIn from a sales-oriented perspective. If you’re on LinkedIn and want to use it to its maximum potential, then this webinar is for you. 

As a partner and “Sales Drummer” for Sales Empowerment Group, Tony’s experience includes direct sales, sales leadership, and launching brands and divisions within the world of financial services, technology, insurance, and human resources. “I was born into sales,” states Tony. “My father was a lifelong sales leader and I majored in Selling & Sales Management at Purdue. It’s fulfilling to help people set goals and then work with them to achieve those goals, while allowing them to walk their unique path to get there.” As a consultant to nearly 4,000 small- to mid-size companies, Tony has extensive knowledge of the sales process, the employee life-cycle and how technology impacts it all.

Through this webinar, he hopes to provide the education necessary for those who just registered on LinkedIn, to those who have been members of LinkedIn for years. According to Tony, “I want to empower people to tell their own unique story, find more prospects for their offering, and give them a disciplined, easy way to hunt every day.”

Prospecting is especially significant to startups and entrepreneurs. Without the knowledge and ideal approach to sales, the process could lead to upsets and delays. “Cold-calling with an unknown brand can be frustrating,” says Tony. “Leveraging LinkedIn puts you in a unique position to have your network help. It lets you hyper-focus on the people that can benefit from your product. Any new company needs sales; messaging & technology are of the utmost importance to enable deal flow.”

We’re very excited and hope you’ll join us for this webinar on October 6 and 3:30pm CST! “We are so excited to have Tony host one of our webinar as we see increased need in LinkedIn Optimization for Corporate Sales,” says Yana Nirshberg, Managing Partner & Creative Director of ParadigmNEXT. “LinkedIn is a very effective and inexpensive tool that is often overlooked.” 


By: ParadigmNext


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