A Mobile App for Nightlife. A Mobile App for Safety.

ChargeSavvy created a mobile app to facilitate for safe, secure and timely processing of credit cards for the nightlife industry. Drawing on their roots in the merchant processing space, the principals identified a need to mitigate fraud, chargeback risk and PCI compliance that has plagued the industry until now.

ParadigmNEXT was engaged to consult the principals and work with their development team in identifying and modeling the best implementation of UI and UX by performing user testing of process flows and using best practices.

Furthermore, the ParadigmNEXT team was tasked with creating a brand identity that would be in line with a hip and young industry while still showcasing their strengths in financial and data security. To achieve this, our marketing team worked with industry groups to build a brand and message that would resonate with that demographic.

As all new UI/UX and design elements were implemented, ChargeSavvy was ready for “prime-time.” As part of their go-to-market strategy, ParadigmNEXT helped design and facilitate their booth and all marketing collateral for the largest Nightclub and Gentlemen’s Club Convention in Las Vegas. During the convention we were able to get ample user feedback and garner many great leads while being able to fine tune the product in real time and continue showcasing it’s subsequent iterations

Web Design Demo:

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UX/UI Design Demo:

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