Hungry App

Hungry is an innovative mobile app created to make the process of ordering food not only easier, but more visual. Hungry’s ‘swipe-through’ interface makes it quick and simple to find a restaurant with that perfect dish you have been craving. After the user filters their search, they can then swipe through pictures of dishes from different local restaurants. If they find something appealing, they can order that dish, along with any other dishes and have it delivered straight to their home.

We worked with the Hungry team to help brand and design the entire app. When designing the app, we wanted to make sure that the app was seamless- visually and logically. We strived to brand the app in a way that was very appealing to the eye (and the stomach) through strong imagery.

Through wireframing and prototyping, we were able to map out the most logical design and flow for the mobile application. By taking into account user-interaction, we worked with the Hungry team on testing all of the processes associated with the app.

ParadigmNEXT was involved in the entire branding process, designing a logo, figuring out a logical user app-flow, and integrating all of the design features with the development of the application.


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    Hungry App


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