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Making Mobile Work for You

25 May 2015

Mobile has a major impact on how we market today. According to consumer behavior studies, those businesses that are incorporating mobile strategies into their marketing and customer service campaigns are excelling. If you want your business to succeed, mobile has to be a major part of it. Unfortunately many businesses are having difficulty incorporating mobile, and if you are one of those businesses, we at ParadigmNEXT have outlined a few simple ways you can make mobile work for you.

  1. mobileworkUnderstand how mobile marketing affects consumer behavior. ParadigmNEXT recently designed an infographic explaining the different ways in which consumers behave with mobile marketing. By understanding the various ways in which users interact with certain businesses at certain times through their devices can help streamline your mobile marketing campaigns to attract your target markets.
  2. Make mobile ordering simple and convenient. Many companies, like Starbucks, are incorporating mobile marketing by creating an order and delivery service. This is particularly important for restaurants, shopping sites, and various product lines. If your business offers a product, invest in the mobile ability for user to order, track and receive that product. Ordering must be easy on all devices.
  3. Content marketing should incorporate a mobile strategy. The mobile experience is different that traditional web surfing from a larger device. Attention spans are shorter and the experience must be on par with what the user is looking for. This is why storytelling has become increasingly important in a content marketing strategy. Keep your content creative, constant and relevant.

Mobile marketing is said to skyrocket this year, but it already has, and businesses need to be on board. Through leveraging the technology through the ways listed above, you can make mobile marketing work for you.

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By: ParadigmNext


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