Anatoly Nirshberg

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Anatoly Nirshberg

As Managing Partner and Founder of ParadigmNext, Inc., and Chief Marketing Officer & Co-Founder at Verie, LLC, Anatoly Nirshberg is a well-respected authority in all things marketing. From traditional methods to the precise integration of the latest digital strategies, Nirshberg has embraced the digital revolution and has been developing and applying custom marketing and business strategies for more than 15 years. Solutions that begin with solid marketing principles but ultimately result in success and growth for a wide variety of companies in multiple industries.

Nirshberg believes that in today’s competitive and mobile business environment, marketing must be specific to the customer, targeting their wants, needs, likes, dislikes, and purchasing patterns, at the times and locations when they tend to be most engaged. Instead of messaging for a wide audience as in the past, communications must now be crafted specific to the individual—something not possible without digital personalization tools and the creative application of these latest technologies. Nirshberg still focuses on solutions that align with clients’ brand and corporate objectives, but also substantiates the digital technology to become more educated about essential customer information; enabling both mass communications and specific, targeted messaging.

In his current roles at Verie and ParadigmNext, Anatoly Nirshberg’s primary focus is on the development of comprehensive business strategies and their successful execution. What differentiates Anatoly from the rest is that these solutions are put in place not just for marketing, but also for sales growth. For example, many clients engage with ParadigmNext because they are known as industry experts in digital technology and social media, which has provided new revenue streams for many ParadigmNext clients. This delivers ROI that is both impressive and measurable; things that are hard to capture in conventional marketing strategies. Verie clients benefit from Nirshberg’s extensive experience in the merchant credit card processing arena, by the unique application of sophisticated facial-recognition technology, significantly improving security for the rapidly escalating online transactions that we see today.

Anatoly knows one thing for sure—all customers want more clients. It is not enough to use broad-based marketing strategies of the past, where opportunities may have increased but substantial cost was involved to learn about prospects. After eventually developing trust, closing the sale took time and was a substantial expense. Today, with the integration of traditional methods and the application of online and social media through digital technology, messages are customized and delivered directly to the prospect at times when they have their attention focused on specific products or services. This brings back the personal relationship between consumers and companies—something that has been lost for decades.

As Managing Partner and Founder of ParadigmNext, Inc., Anatoly Nirshberg has been delivering successful business strategies to companies for many years. Companies like McDonalds, First Equity Group, Anderson Consulting, LaMarco Systems, The Wellesley Funds, eDealTree, and more. Embracing a sales-centric approach has been key. First focusing on improving marketing messages, then creating websites, videos, social media, and animations that are compelling, then concentrating on shortening the sales process and reducing the sales cycle. This brings ROI to the front, with results-oriented data that is meaningful to all marketing and business development programs.

 As Chief Marketing Officer and Co-Founder of Verie LLC, Anatoly Nirshberg has brought his entrepreneurial spirit and wealth of experience in brand development with a technology focus to a revolutionary security system, turning smart phones into virtual ID cards using facial-recognition technology. Nirshberg sees the growing need for increased security due to the rapidly growing fraud encounters as CNP (Card Not Present) transactions replace POS (Point of Sale) purchases.