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Accelerating growth through:
- Strategic Counsel
- Execution Management
- Tactical Execution

ParadigmNEXT delivers optimal solutions and impactful campaigns that achieve clients’ business objectives. By connecting creativity with demonstrated experience across the entire business spectrum driving the Built World, we leverage our sector expertise and established relationships for your competitive advantage.

  1. 01


    Discovery to understand current brand positioning in the market place

  2. 02


    Conduct in-depth interviews with all stakeholders from management to sales to production and beyond.

  3. 03


    Retrospective on past initiatives including review of the current processes, team and digital properties

  4. 04

    Identify Strategic Partners

    Identify strategic partners including manufacturers, vendors, financiers, trade partners, trade associations, and customers.
    Collaboratively, we develop an all-encompassing masterplan of action that will serve as a roadmap for success.

  5. 05

    Define/Refine Product

    Define your key offering and align it with your market positioning and objectives.

  6. 06

    Define/Refine Audience

    Define and refine your industry channels and repeat the review process periodically to uncover
    new opportunities and further increase your brand awareness, customer acquisition, customner retention, and profitable sales.

  7. 07


    Develop vision and mission to inspire and catalyze growth.

  8. 08


    Formulate a quarterly plan of action to achieve your mission’s “Rocks,” "Benchmarks," and "Successes.”

  9. 09


    Execute the masterplan of action, tracking and assessing performance to ensure success.

  10. 10

    Pivot & Adapt

    Conduct regular calls to gather insights and feedback to continuously pivot and improve.

Our campaigns and strategies are unique

We specialize in redefining and implementing a masterplan of action for local, regional, national and global companies that shape the new Built World. Our unique approach encompasses manufacturers, vendors, engineering, technology, design, auxiliary services, real estate development and construction, marketing, sales, and financing.

We customize our campaigns and strategies to our clients’ specific challenges, opportunities, and needs, based on real business objectives. We entrench ourselves in our clients’ businesses, then develop strategies and execute tactics that ignite growth.