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Tasty pastries: how Chicago’s Paczki Day drives sales with seasonal marketing

28 Feb 2017

Chicago Seasonal Marketing

Here at ParadigmNEXT we synthesize sound business strategies with cutting-edge innovation. Our team develops digital marketing solutions that build a company’s brand awareness while accelerating their sales growth.

One way we drive sales is through seasonal marketing which aims to increase sales for certain days or weeks by pinpointing important events and holidays, giving consumers an incentive to spend extra cash. You may already know this if you make more Hallmark or Hershey’s purchases around Valentine’s Day, or if you’re willing to pay outrageous bar cover charges to spend New Year’s Eve on the town.

Speaking of spending extra dough, today is Chicago’s Paczki Day, which is also Fat Tuesday. (There is some debate over how to pronounce Paczki —“pooch-key”, “punch-key”, and “poonch-key” are all fine options.) Similar to donuts, paczkis are deep-fried Polish pastries containing a sweet filling. The fillings are usually custard or fruit-based.

Paczki Day originated in Poland as a pre-Lenten tradition. Like Fat Tuesday, Paczki Day involves indulging in pastries in preparation for the fasting that occurs during Lent.

With Chicago’s large Polish population, Paczki Day is huge here and is enjoyed by both Polish natives and locals. People swarm Chicago donut shops, sometimes waiting in out-the-door lines, to get their hands on this delectable pastry. It occurs on both Fat Thursday, Feb. 23, and Fat Tuesday, Feb. 28, throughout Chicagoland.

As people are rushing to get their final junk food in before Lent, Paczki Day provides bakeries the perfect opportunity to seasonally market their sweets.

Here are some bakeries you may enjoy eating at this Paczki Day:

Oak Mill Bakery:

With six Chicagoland locations, Oak Mill Bakery offers 25 different kinds of paczkis this year. They are launching a new product, mini paczkis, that are suitable for kids or those of us with a lighter appetite.

Swedish Bakery:

After 38 years of business, this adored Andersonville bakery will be closing Feb. 28. This is their last Paczki Day, so get their tasty treats while you can!

Bridgeport Bakery:

With 19 flavors to choose from, Bridgeport Bakery is a great South Side spot. Most of the paczkis are $1.05, and the store will have a special opening time of 5 a.m.

If you reside in the suburbs, Deerfield Bakery or Bennison’s Bakery are good options. Bennison’s has two new flavors for 2017 Paczki Day: Lemon Curd and German Chocolate, and Deerfield Bakery has its “Sweet 16” flavors.

Remember, seasonal marketing is all about increasing sales, so the lines are likely to be long. For whichever bakery you may choose to go to this Paczki Day, be sure to get there early.

For your business, consider using seasonal marketing tactics. Start by brainstorming seasonal campaigns you may want to try. You can also study web traffic seasonality and analyze search seasonality. This will equip you with knowledge regarding when to launch promotions.

To see more of ParadigmNEXT’s innovative marketing work, please see our portfolio.