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Team Member Spotlight: Yana Nirshberg

21 Feb 2017

Yana Nirshberg Paradigm Next

Entrepreneur, mother, and fashionista.

Who knew it’s possible to be all three?

For ParadigmNEXT’s Managing Partner Yana Nirshberg, this dream is a reality.

As Chicago’s leading lady in digital marketing, Nirshberg is highly creative and innovative, yet analytical and detail-oriented.

“I apply creativity and discipline to the innovation process, emphasizing brand building alongside business building,” Nirshberg said.

Nirshberg produces results-driven content for both unstructured start-ups and established corporations, highlighting her ability to jump in and get the job done for a diversified set of clients.

ParadigmNEXT evolved out of a need to synthesize sales strategies with relevant online strategies. ParadigmNEXT aims to have their digital presence serve as an extension of their sales force.

“Before, you had your sales people inputting their activities into one software, and then the marketing team pushing out all this content, but there was really no feedback loop,” Nirshberg said. “Now merging these two areas, we’re able to see right away how our marketing feeds into sales. We can actually track each lead, how we got that lead, what the sales cycle is, and how long it took us to close it.”

ParadigmNEXT is all about automating and streamlining to holistically see the process from marketing to closing the deal.

“Oftentimes, business owners have great ideas about growing their businesses digitally, but the ideas get ‘lost in translation’ when trying to convey their message,” Nirshberg said.

ParadigmNEXT distinguishes itself by using a multi-faceted digital marketing approach. To drive this well-oiled marketing machine, Nirshberg devotes time into researching all the parts. This includes development, marketing, PR, social media, content creation, and more.

“In a day’s work, I do code reviews with developers, content review with writers, design direction with designers, and social strategy with the social media strategist,” Nirshberg said.

Her favorite part of the job? Never-ending chances to gain new knowledge.

“I love learning something new every day,” Nirshberg said. “From clients’ industry research, insights to new digital marketing trends, and tricks of the trade. We always strive to be ahead of the curve.”

Her specialties include: new ventures, business plan development, consumer behavior analysis, revenue modeling, marketing strategy, consumer research, brand identity, brand architecture, media communication, and advertising communication.

When she isn’t at the office, she enjoys experimenting with fashion trends and spending time with her six-year-old daughter, Amilia. They enjoy trips to La Fournette, an Old Town bakery, and Chicago’s  Maggie Daley Park, which Nirshberg calls the city’s “new masterpiece”. Last Saturday, the two of them went to the Chicago Botanic Gardens to enjoy the nice weather.

“You have to really unplug when you return home at the end of the day,” Nirshberg said. “You also have to make time for friends and family. NO PHONE! NO EMAILS! NO BASECAMP! LOL.”

Other than her work at ParadigmNEXT, Nirshberg is a mentor at 1871, Chicago’s center for technology and entrepreneurship. 1871 at the Merchandise Mart is a start-up hub for entrepreneurs, creatives, and techies with useful workshops and meet-ups.


What was your latest Instagram post?

Y.N.: It was the streets of Cuba. I was really inspired by the strip, just seeing how soulful everyone is. I was also inspired by the architecture; you can see the breakdown of before and after the revolution.

What’s the boldest fashion choice you’ve made lately?

Y.N.: I’ve been into the ‘90s look lately. I usually go for a more curve-conscious look, so wearing baggy leather capri pants was adventurous for me.

What do you and your daughter like to do together?

Y.N.: With my daughter, how we spend our time is doing projects. I like to be very hands-on, whether it is going to the store and practicing math by picking out items, seeing how much they cost, and adding the budgets and all of that, or doing something more artsy and creative at home. Whatever we do, it would incorporate some type of project or activity into it.


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