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  • Yana Nirshberg
    Brand and Go-To-Market Strategy l Managing Partner

    I spearhead new product and brand development. Highly capable moving people and projects from concept to commercialization in both structured corporate and unstructured start-up environments.

    Emphasize brand building alongside business building. Apply creativity and discipline to the innovation process; apply practicality and team orientation to implementation.

  • Anatoly Nirshberg
    Ideation Director

    Managing Partner and Founder of ParadigmNext, Inc., Board Member at National Association of Home Builders

  • Natalia Krzywicka-Acosta
    Storytelling and VOC Insights

    I lead marketing strategy and execution projects, helping clients rethink how to reach their target customers through authentic communication.

    One-part creative thinker with journalistic chops and a gift of storytelling for impact, and one-part strategy lead with a proven track record of generating innovative solutions, I’m passionate about empowering brands and delivering results.

  • Mateus Barbosa
    Graphic and Print Design
  • Iryna Teixeira
    CRM Strategy and Implementation
  • Skye Khilji
    CRM and Business Systems

    I'm a strategy man at heart. I'm best when mapping out the path from where a business is, to where it can go.

    I bring the most value when given a ton of data, my magic trick to filter through all the noise and make it simple, meaningful and most importantly actionable.

  • Marcin Cymmer

    I am a commercial photographer with a passion for food, product and interior photography. I use my skills and experience to turn ordinary into extraordinary, to create unique visual content for your brand.

  • Kevin Larson
    Video Production