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The Rise of Webinars

26 Aug 2015

Video conferencing has been used by businesses for decades. Rising in popularity during the 1970’s and 80’s, video conferencing really took center-stage in the 90’s and early 2000’s when fast Internet speeds became the norm. What started out as an expensive technology, primarily used by larger businesses with big pockets, has now become an extremely cost-effective way to communicate, educate, and share information. Today, web seminars, or webinars for short, are quickly rising in popularity due to a variety of different reasons.

Webinars are a very effective way to educate your audience on whatever your topic may be. ParadigmNEXT Hosts BigMarker WebinarWhether you’re explaining how to use a product or sharing personal experiences, webinars are an easy way to share your message. Accessibility is a huge reason why webinars have become increasingly popular. Whether you’re in Chicago or across the pond in the U.K, webinars can be utilized by anybody, anywhere at anytime. Webinars are even recordable so you can re-watch them if you missed something or dozed off for a few minutes. They are extremely easy to setup and easy to use. Popular sites such as Skype and BigMarker make it pain free for both the speaker and the audience to get the most out of their webinars.

Webinars are very inexpensive to host and usually free to attend. With the continued rise of startups and small businesses, webinars have become the go to resource for cost conscious businesses. For example, BigMarker charges a nominal monthly fee if your webinar is above 10 people. If it’s less than 10, it’s free! BigMarker even allows you to create a ticketed webinar so you can share your seminar at a small fee.

ParadigmNEXT was recently approached by BigMarker to join their thought leader program. Hannah Scherer, lead content curator for BigMarker, explained that “The purpose of our thought leader program is to provide webinar consumers with trusted content from industry experts. We concentrate on highly sought after and quickly growing producers of informational content in the arts, business, personal and professional development, education, culture, and other key interest areas, supporting our mission to connect people to learn and share experiences.”

Webinars are a fantastic way for all businesses and individuals to share content and educate each other. They’re inexpensive, interactive, and accessible from anywhere. As more and more startups continue to take Chicago and the U.S. by storm, be on the lookout for more opportunities to educate yourself and your business with the help of webinars.

We at ParadigmNEXT will be starting our own webinar series beginning September 2nd at noon. Glenn Gottfried, a dynamic, market focused, growth oriented executive who has lead multiple companies through transformative change and exit, will share his insights on what angel investors look for in startups. If you have a startup, or are thinking about starting one, you don’t want to miss this opportunity!

Please RSVP here. Space is limited!

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