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What Angel Investors look for in Startups, hosted by Glenn Gottfried & ParadigmNEXT

3 Sep 2015

Today, ParadigmNEXT hosted its first webinar, What Angel Investors look for in Startups, hosted by Glenn Gottfried. Glenn, a market focused, growth-oriented executive, shared his insights and personal experiences of what investors and himself look for when they’re investing in startups.

Glenn Gottfried Webinar with ParadigmNEXT and BigMarker

The recording of the Glenn’s webinar is definitely worth the watch if you want an inside look at how investors operate when investing. Glenn summarized his webinar into three big takeaways:

  1. Make Your Pitch a Wow

It’s important that your pitch draws in the attention from whomever you are pitching. The person or team pitching needs to understand their strengths and weaknesses. As Glenn said, “Make sure your team passes the hurdle of your potential investors.”

  1. Target Investors Carefully

Before pitching in front of investors it is imperative to do your homework on them. Review their websites. Find them on LinkedIn. Investors have specific “filters” that they follow when investing. As Glenn said, “You may have the greatest opportunity in the world, but it may not fit the investors filters.”

  1. Type and Terms of Funding is Highly Negotiable

Investors may throw out terms that aren’t exactly inline with what the entrepreneur is looking for, and that’s normal. As an entrepreneur, it’s important that you use expert advisors to ensure fairness to you. This doesn’t necessarily mean an attorney, but someone who is looking out for the best interest of the business.

Glenn has a previous blog regarding this topic published online, and that can be found here:

Glenn Gottfried and Anatoly Nirshberg at ParadigmNEXT

Join us for our 2nd webinar, Leveraging LinkedIn & Prospecting Etiquette, by Tony Lenhart on October 6th at 2pm CST. Tony has consulted for nearly 4,000 small-to-mid sized companies providing solutions that encompass the entire employee life cycle and technology habits of the executive team.

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