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Why Don’t Built World Companies Present Their Real Selves?

18 Jun 2021

It happened again last week. We worked with a company that did a lot of great things but weren’t doing enough to communicate it.

They hired us to help them grow their business, so we started a round of interviews. We started inside the company, talking to their sales and marketing people. Then we spoke with a few of their customers and some of the companies they’d like to sell.

It only took a few short conversations to learn what makes this company special and sets them apart from the competition.

This is a company that delivers high quality services that only cost a little more. They’re not greedy – they want everyone they deal with to make money. They’re loyal to their customers and stand by their solutions.

It’s clearly a fantastic company, but they have one big problem. You wouldn’t know any of it by looking at their website or their marketing programs. It’s like they are wearing a mask rather than just being themselves.

Whenever we talk to people about their company and products, the real story comes out. And the real story is what makes me more interested in a company and their products.

In some cases, it’s the way they talk about their products and the benefits they provide to those who use them. In other cases, it’s how great it is to deal with them and the extra steps they take for their customers.

Those are the things that make up who you really are as a company. So why not take off the mask and create a website and marketing programs that help people get to know the real you sooner?

If I look at your website, do I know the real story or do I have to figure it out for myself or wait for a salesperson to take off the mask?