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ParadigmNEXT Launches New Consumer Mortgage Company,

Drives Business from Start-up through Growth to Acquisition

It is hard to believe that Haus Mortgage — now part of Absolute Home Mortgage Corporation, viewed as one of the fastest growing technology-based mortgage companies — didn’t even exist in 2018. So, how does a startup operating in an extremely crowded marketplace standout where marketing platforms are tied to big names with established brands and deep pockets?

Haus Mortgage
The Challenge

Most startups fail within the first year. Many aren’t profitable for five years.  Very few are like HausM — which requires plugging into a competitive industry, establishing relationships with industry leaders and real estate professionals, creating operational process and policy, acquiring talent and qualified loan officers, and all other elements of launching a business. 

The Solution

Working with ParadigmNEXT from inception, HausM leaned on the teams proven expertise and experience in real estate sectors to market their existence in the mortgage industry, as well as advisory for operational excellence. This required developing process for managing internal workflows and communication, executing brand strategy and marketing awareness (including everything from logo and website development to marketing collateral and promotional tactics), as well as recruiting, hiring, and training plans. 

Event planning proved successful in establishing a local presence, with partnerships with local real estate groups to promote the brand and office engagements to expand reach, along with strategic partnerships with media and other grass roots and high-level integrated marketing.

The Result

Over the course of 11 months, ParadigmNEXT helped HausM achieve triple-digit growth that was made up of new customers, driving revenue, the need for new hires and resources and firm brand awareness. The company was able to be acquired within its first year of operation by Absolute Home Mortgage Corporation, a national leader looking to expand in the Midwest markets.