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Village Green became one of the nation’s premier apartment companies by continually innovating to serve the evolving needs of residents and focusing on creating communities of long-term value. Today, it manages approximately 40,000 apartment homes within some 50 cities, along with mixed-use retail spaces.  

However, the road to success wasn’t always so turn-key. Over the years, as many property managers experience, Village Green struggled to identify and foster meaningful interactions with tenants—and it tapped ParadigmNEXT for a solution. 

The team developed an engaging mobile application to improve connections and engagement with tenants in their respective communities. The new app was designed to include a message board connecting the residents with management, and it brought service requests online to enable a seamless experience for both tenant and management users. The app also served as a connection portal between local businesses and people moving to the local communities through a custom region-based deals service being offered exclusively to Village Green residents.