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When Vendors Become Partners — Uncovering Encompass Connect

17 Nov 2021

When we talk about “the company we keep,” Encompass is always a front-and-center example for ParadigmNEXT. We value our partnership with Encompass because that is truly what it is — a partnership built on trust with a shared sense of mission.

ParadigmNEXT has been working with Encompass for years, since it first deployed a formal marketing, sales and business growth strategy. Our teams worked well together early on to drive results around many creative and integrated strategies that positioned Encompass as a leader and further bolstered the brand. In recent months, however, we identified a new challenge that existed within the internal business development. Most prospects — and even current customers — were not aware of the full breadth of services Encompass delivers.

Since its founding in 1999, Encompass has established itself as the premier audiovisual and acoustical design firm, but has grown significantly from just an AV provider to a leading-edge technology hub.

The ParadigmNEXT team validated this challenge with an evidence-based approach, interviewing clients to better understand the current positioning of Encompass and ways to shift the perception as only an AV provider — which the EncompassAV name suggests.

Following strategy sessions, team meetings and internal alignment, a new identity was created to accurately reflect the company’s evolution. All social and digital properties were updated to bring the brand to life, supported by a content pipeline that outlines the broader product offerings (such as structured cabling services, wiring, surveillance, PoE lighting and IoT solutions).

The ParadigmNEXT team also developed a new homepage to bring a visual expression of Encompass’ beliefs and values: that instead of thinking of buildings and spaces as brick-and-mortar, it views them as dynamic ecosystems that power a central connected infrastructure linking all systems and devices to deliver smarter outcomes, enhance experiences and efficiencies, and open new opportunities for its customers.

Currently, a new content strategy is being brought to life to promote the rebrand and serve the company’s marketing objectives with an approach that ensures engagement. The first activation took place in late June as an introduction to the new brand.

Instead of spattering collateral materials across the web, ParadigmNEXT helped launch the brand during the first Brunch for Love Fundraiser event, raising funds to upgrade Shriners Hospitals’ outdated teleconferencing infrastructure and ensure collaboration across many different locations.

The approach focused on anchoring the brand around a real-life story of how Encompass’ solutions helps ensure sick children get access to specialized care, while introducing the new direction. ParadigmNEXT facilitated all logistics, from event promotions and fundraising to marketing collateral and press coverage, and everything in between.

Today, we proudly unveil a refreshed Encompass brand that accurately reflects our client’s evolution, and the evolution of connectivity and technology around us. Encompass Connect