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  • "We use PardigmNext as our social media and website management company. Professionalism, friendliness and the willingness to help in a variety of marketing matters, and in a timely fashion, come from this great team at ParadigmNext. We strongly recommend this young, creative, dynamic and up to date team, who are not shy to offer and implement the latest trends and skills in your business”.LaMarco Systems, Inc

  • Talented and highly intelligent team of "marketing & brand consultants"!

    I hired Paradigm to align our website and brand presence with our product offering. Thanks to Paradigm and their team we have a brand identity that is synergistic to our phenomenal product offering. I would hire Paradigm again with no reservations.Jamie G.

  • I liked ParadigmNEXT because of their excellent convenience, work, and professionalism.

    I hired ParadigmNEXT to design and build my web site and social media pages. They are a pleasure to work with. The Paradigm Next team are experts in their field and have great vision for how to best market a business on the web. They are responsive and act quickly to resolve questions and issues as they arise throughout the design and post-production process. I highly recommend Paradigm Next.Ellen E

  • ParadigmNEXT is great due to their work and professionalism.

    Their deep rooted knowledge of their industry and desire to understand their customers industry is what truly sets them apart. They take the time to assess the needs of their clients instead of pushing their own agenda.Phillip S

  • ParadigmNEXT is great due to their professionalism, work, prices, and convenience.

    I really appreciated that they make it easy to set up meetings. I also liked that the prices were fair. It was great that the work was high quality. Additionally, I thought they went above and beyond and were efficient. I really appreciated that they were trustworthy, are well qualified, have good communication, were on time, and were friendly.Eleni M

  • Paradigm Next has great work, convenience, and professionalism.

    It was great that they did everything I expected. I also liked that they have good availability. They have good communication. Had good experience.Marat S

ParadigmNEXT delivers a seamlessly integrated Custom Brand Experience and a greater measurable return on marketing investment (ROMI).

Phone: 847 780 6398
Email: info@paradigmnext.com
116 W Hubbard St. Ste. #4
Chicago, IL 60654